Lenten Beards – Praying with Bearded Saints


Every day this Lent, we’ll explore the

life and faith of a bearded Catholic saint.


We’ll pray with them, and together we’ll grow in holiness and manliness.

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St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul


St Vincent de Paul was a man of humble beginnings, and humility is a virtue that served him well in his life. He entered into formation for the priesthood and was ordained at a young age, too young in fact. He has his priesthood repealed by Rome for a period of time. He was abducted by pirates and sold into slavery where he served a number of masters before eventually convincing one of them to release him by converting his wife to Christianity. He founded “The Ladies of Charity” from a group of women at his parish to help fund hospitals, gather relief funds, and ransom the freedom of slaves.

“The works of God are not accomplished when we wish them, but whenever it pleases Him.”

Daily Blessing of the Beard

Lord above, bless this beard

As it grows from my face.

Let it serve as a reminder that I am yours.

Let it serve as a symbol of my role in your kingdom.

Let it serve as a sign of your blessing in my life.

As I was anointed and claimed for you at my Baptism,

I anoint this beard as a reminder of love.


Today’s Prayer

O Lord,
send good workers to your Church,
but may they be good!
Send good missionaries to work in your vineyard,
laborers, O my God,
such as they ought to be:
utterly detached from themselves, their own comfort,
and worldly goods.
Let them even be few in number,
provided that they are good.
O Lord, grant this grace to your Church.



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