Lenten Beards – Praying with Bearded Saints


Every day this Lent, we’ll explore the

life and faith of a bearded Catholic saint.


We’ll pray with them, and together we’ll grow in holiness and manliness.

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St. Moses the Black

St. Moses the Black


St Moses is one of the most hardcore Saints of the Church. Moses started his live as a servant to a government official before being dismissed for theft and suspected murder. He became the leader of bandits, but one time while hiding in a monastery to avoid the army. While there he was profoundly transformed by the simple life the monks lived. He joined them and struggled for years to live a spiritual life before becoming a priest, a spiritual director for the community, and martyr for the cause of nonviolence.

Black as sin and white as snow.

Daily Blessing of the Beard

Lord above, bless this beard as it grows from my face. Let it serve as a reminder that I am yours. Let it serve as a symbol of my role in your kingdom. Let it serve as a sign of your blessing in my life. As I was anointed and claimed for you at my Baptism, I anoint this beard as a reminder of love. Amen.

Today’s Prayer

Dear Lord, When I struggle with my slow progress towards your divine perfection
Remind me of the words of St Isidre to your holy Martyr St Moses,
“Only slowly do the rays of the sun drive away the night and usher in a new day,
And thus, only slowly does one become a perfect contemplative.”
Give me patience with myself, and let me shoe mercy to those in need.

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