Lenten Beards – Praying with Bearded Saints


Every day this Lent, we’ll explore the

life and faith of a bearded Catholic saint.


We’ll pray with them, and together we’ll grow in holiness and manliness.

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St. Maximilian Kolbe

St. Maximilian Kolbe


A Saint for those without hope. St Maximilian Kolbe is a model of the sacrificial life that Christ is calling us all to. He and his brother joined the Conventual Friars in order to spread the Gospel in their homeland. He was also driven by his love for Mary and a vision he had of her that called him to both purity and sacrificing his life for the faith. In the end Kolbe became a martyr in the Nazi Death Camp Auschwitz when he offered to take the place of a man with a family.

“I wish to die for that man.”

Daily Blessing of the Beard

Lord above, bless this beard as it grows from my face.
Let it serve as a reminder that I am yours.
Let it serve as a symbol of my role in your kingdom.
Let it serve as a sign of your blessing in my life.
As I was anointed and claimed for you at my Baptism,
I anoint this beard as a reminder of love.

Today’s Prayer

Help me to become more like yourself.
With you and Mary and the Church, may I proclaim that only “Love alone creates.”
To the hungry and oppressed, the naked and homeless, the scorned and hated,
The lonely and despairing, may I proclaim the power of Christ’s love,
Which endures forever and ever.


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