Lenten Beards – Praying with Bearded Saints


Every day this Lent, we’ll explore the

life and faith of a bearded Catholic saint.


We’ll pray with them, and together we’ll grow in holiness and manliness.

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St. Peregrine

St. Peregrine

FEAST DAY: MAY 2ND | LIVED: 1260–1345

St Peregrine was born and grew up in the Papal States to a family that was actively working against the Pope and the faith.  He was known for actually heckling and physically attacking St Philip Benizi. St Philip offered him forgiveness and his willingness to do so cause a great change in Peregrine who began to channel his energies into works that built up the Church.  One of his self-imposed penances was to stand whenever he could be sitting which caused him to develop an incurable infection. On the night before his leg was to be amputated he was praying in front of a fresco of the crucified Christ he fell into a deep sleeplike trance. During this trance he saw Christ reach down and touch his leg. The next day his leg was completely healed.

Send you fire and thunder into our lives oh Lord.

Daily Blessing of the Beard

Lord above, bless this beard

As it grows from my face.

Let it serve as a reminder that I am yours.

Let it serve as a symbol of my role in your kingdom.

Let it serve as a sign of your blessing in my life.

As I was anointed and claimed for you at my Baptism,

I anoint this beard as a reminder of love.


Today’s Prayer

Intercede for us St Peregrine.

Not just for our health,

But for the health of our souls.

Help us, like you, to pursue the

Healing love of Christ in all things.



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